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VII World Conference on Ecological Restoration
V Congreso Iberoamericano y del Caribe de Restauración Ecológica
I Conferência Brasileira de Restauração Ecológica

Foz do Iguassu, Brazil | August 27 - September 1, 2017

Poster presentation

The list of confirmed posters for presentations at SER 2017 are below.

The instructions for poster presentation are available here.

If you can´t find your poster in the list below, it may have some pending confirmation. Please contact Executive Secretariat ([email protected]) in order to make the confirmation, so your poster will be included in the final program.

List of confirmed posters

August 28th
Theme 1 - Governance and public policies/legislation

The Environmental Rural Registry (CAR) as tool to benefit forest landscape in Brazil: a study in the Atlantic Forest. (#13208)
Daniela Pinaud
Board of presentation: T01-P02

Forest Restoration and Environmental Regularization in Agrarian Reform Settlements in Brazil: how to make this possible? (#13099)
Joao Daldegan Sobrinho
Board of presentation: T01-P04

Laws and forest cover changes in a rural/urban watershed in Brazil (#12784)
Renata Evangelista de Oliveira
Board of presentation: T01-P06

Restoration of disturbed forests in human-modified landscapes: developing a reference document to guide practice (#13745)
Laís Santos de Assis
Board of presentation: T01-P08

Theme 2 - Restoration planning, setting priorities

Prioritizing areas for forest landscape restoration based on water quality and quantity components in Mangaraí River watershed, Espírito Santo State, Brazil (#13755)
Aurelio Padovezi
Board of presentation: T02-P02

Mapping of soil erosion vulnerability through geospatial analysis in Paragominas (Pará-Brazil). (#13075)
Denis Conrado da Cruz
Board of presentation: T02-P04

Definition of a landscape level biodiversity conservation-restoration strategy supported by disturbance resistant regional forest species (#13026)
Fabiano Turini Farah
Board of presentation: T02-P06

Restoration planning for climate change mitigation and adaptation in the city of Durban, South Africa (#13419)
Jayanti Mukherjee
Board of presentation: T02-P08

Preliminary diagnosis and governmental evaluation of the emergency actions and the environmental recovery program of the areas affected by the failure of Fundão Dam, in the Doce River, Mariana, Brazil (#12770)
raquel caroline alves lacerda
Board of presentation: T02-P10

Biophysical and anthropogenic drivers of tropical forest regeneration in human-modified landscapes: A review since 1990 (#13539)
Mónica Lorena Borda Niño
Board of presentation: T02-P12

Participatory model for forest restoration areas prioritization (#13856)
Paulo José Alves de Santana
Board of presentation: T02-P14

The good, the bad, and the ugly of creating and implementing a short time-frame plant materials program for Colorado flood recovery (#13435)
Randy H. Mandel
Board of presentation: T02-P16

A mathematical contribution to the Project Prioritization Protocol (PPP): using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) to allocate conservation resources (#13959)
Tatiana Campos Neves
Board of presentation: T02-P18

Environmental suitability of Barra Seca watershed through the integration of environmental agendas from the Rio Doce region (#13928)
Thiago Belote Silva
Board of presentation: T02-P20

Spatial prioritization in Atlantic Forest: Firsts steps to an aquatic ecosystem services approach (#13923)
Viviane Dib da Silva
Board of presentation: T02-P22

Analysis and landscape planning for creation of an ecological corridor between forest reserves of the Atlantic Forest, BA, Brazil (#13770)
Maria Otávia Crepaldi
Board of presentation: T02-P24

Modeling indicators, in landscape scale, to define strategic areas for restoration of ecosystems, a case study in São João River Basin, RJ, Brazil (#12942)
Monika Richter
Board of presentation: T02-P26

Theme 3 - Economic aspects of ecological restoration

Studies on restoration of riparian forests: contributing with public policies and environmental legislation of Brazil (#13065)
Cláudia Mira Attanasio
Board of presentation: T03-P02

Eucalyptus paying the bill for the restoration of the Atlantic Forest (#13059)
Nino Tavares Amazonas
Board of presentation: T03-P04

Theme 4 - Communicating restoration science: outreaching, extension, training

Teaching Ecological Restoration: An analysis of Post-Graduate courses in Brazil (#13951)
Jorge Makhlouta Alonso.
Board of presentation: T04-P02

Restoring educational approaches: Games for ecological restoration learning (#13759)
Raissa Ribeiro Pereira Silva
Board of presentation: T04-P04

Connecting economy and ecology through landscape restoration (#13134)
Asa L Aradottir
Board of presentation: T04-P06

The role of civil society in ecological restoration: Campaign “Sembremos Agua” in Guanacaste a case of success in Costa Rica (#13650)
Mery Ocampo
Board of presentation: T04-P08

Theme 5 - Community engagement in ecological restoration

Initiatives involving the use of bamboos: The importance of species and socialecological context to achieve effective ecological restoration (#12804)
Aline Lopes e Lima
Board of presentation: T05-P02

Ecosystem services in ecological restoration: Perception of urban communities (#13953)
Beatriz Castro Miranda
Board of presentation: T05-P04

Restoration and food security through agroforestry systems in Maranhão, eastern Amazon (#12850)
Danielle Celentano
Board of presentation: T05-P06

Native medicinal and food species with potential for forest restoration (#13118)
Helena Souza Ronchi
Board of presentation: T05-P08

Socioambiental restoration in urban environments of Patagonia Argentina (#13939)
Joaquin Pérez Carrió
Board of presentation: T05-P10

Ecological restoration in high mountain ecosystems: case study National Park Natural El Cocuy (#14012)
Magda Liliana Chisacá Hurtado
Board of presentation: T05-P12

Use of traditional knowledge to ecological restoration of ferruginous rupestrian fields in the Iron Quadrangle, Brazil (#13022)
Maria Cristina Teixeira Braga Messias
Board of presentation: T05-P14

Operation Crayweed: raising awareness about underwater forests in Sydney and beyond (#13572)
Adriana Vergés
Board of presentation: T05-P16

Interconnecting Earth stewardship: Natura, an online community-based ecological restoration platform. (#13149)
John Luca Sebastiaan De Vries
Board of presentation: T05-P18

Motivations for social participation in ecological restoration projects: A systematic review and assessment of its incorporation in Brazilian National Plan for Native Vegetation Recovery (#12903)
Loren Belei
Board of presentation: T05-P20

Theme 6 - Ethics and Values (Philosophycal aspects of restoration)

Participatory governance for ecological restoration in family farms in Southern Brazil (#13143)
Richard Smith
Board of presentation: T06-P02

Theme 7 - Ecological processes and ecosystem functioning

Local and landscape drivers of recolonization of second-growth forest by epiphytes in agricultural landscapes of the Atlantic Forest (#13441)
Alex Fernando Mendes
Board of presentation: T07-P02

Water relations and carbon dynamics of tree species are affected by structure and species diversity of restored forests. (#13631)
Angelo Albano da Silva Bertholdi
Board of presentation: T07-P04

Fruit production of animal-dispersed trees species in young forest restoration sites (#12615)
Crislaine de Almeida
Board of presentation: T07-P06

Dynamics of aboveground biomass in restoration areas of Atlantic Forest (#13730)
Elivane Salete Capellesso
Board of presentation: T07-P08

Implications for wind management in restoration ecology: Linking ecosystem aerodynamics to physiological drivers in arid and semi-arid systems. (#12966)
Erica Elizabeth Arora
Board of presentation: T07-P10

Using a deforestation chronosequence to understand changes in stream habitat structure and fish diversity: implications for ecological restoration (#12834)
Gabriel L. Brejão
Board of presentation: T07-P12

Influence of Eucalyptus saligna on the dynamics of leaf-litter production and decomposition in riparian areas (#12751)
Glaucia Regina Santos
Board of presentation: T07-P14

Photosynthetically active radiation under forest fragment and forest restoration systems in the Cerrado-Amazon ecotone, Mato Grosso State, Brazil (#13820)
Ingo Isernhagen
Board of presentation: T07-P16

The mating system effects on seed traits, and the seedling development of Hymenaea courbaril (#12928)
Lya Carolina da Silva Mariano Pereira
Board of presentation: T07-P18

Competition and facilitation processes that influence the establishment of forest species under pine forest cover (#14065)
María Elena Granados García
Board of presentation: T07-P20

Tree diversity enhances light interception by the canopy of tropical forest restoration plantations (#13299)
Marina Melo Duarte
Board of presentation: T07-P22

Variation of trees wood density in a chronosequence of forest natural regeneration in the Southern Brazilian Atlantic Forest (#13910)
Renato Marques
Board of presentation: T07-P24

Modelling the influence of winter snowfall on cyanobacterial crusts in the Gurbantunggut Desert, northern China (#12591)
Rong Hui
Board of presentation: T07-P26

Methods to assess root architectural and root morphological functional parameters in tropical grasslands (#12937)
Soizig le Stradic
Board of presentation: T07-P28

Litter chemistry and abiotic effects on plant recruitment success in denuded areas of Patagonian Monte rangelands (#13765)
Tomás Bosco
Board of presentation: T07-P30

How biodiversity as a variable response, explain the ecosystem functioning: lessons from restored riparian forests (#13171)
Yasmine Antonini Itabaiana
Board of presentation: T07-P32

Effects of vegetation structure on the physiological activity of understory plants in different tropical seasonal forest restoration systems (#13948)
Angelo Bertholdi
Board of presentation: T07-P34

Seed rain in bamboo-dominated forest remnant in Pampa biome, southern Brazil (#13996)
Betina Camargo
Board of presentation: T07-P36

Theme 8 - Soil aspects in restoration ecology

Biochar potential as a soil enhancer for forest restoration in areas degraded by gold mining in the Peruvian Amazon (#12827)
David Lefebvre
Board of presentation: T08-P02

Reforestation of gullies for ecological restoration purpose; Use of native tree species, organic mulching and polymer water retainer (#12919)
Jorge Herrera Franco
Board of presentation: T08-P04

Soil attributes changes after five years of an Agroforestry System implementation in an Ultisols area, Pindorama, Brasil (#14011)
Maria Teresa Vilela Nogueira Abdo
Board of presentation: T08-P06

The effects of warming and nitrogen deposition on soil carbon and nitrogen processes in vegetation restored meadow of Wugong Mountain, China (#12704)
Xiaomin Guo
Board of presentation: T08-P08

Theme 9 - Ecology and control of plant invasions

Rehabilitation of alien invaded riparian zones and catchments using indigenous trees: An assessment of indigenous tree water-use (#14353)
Bruce Charles Scott-shaw
Board of presentation: T09-P02

When inaction is not an option – Disturbance maintains grassland biodiversity in the face of widespread invasion by exotic forage grasses (#13862)
Cecilia Denisse Molina
Board of presentation: T09-P04

Canopy shade and litter stock thresholds for invasive grasses inhibition in different restoration systems (#12870)
Gabriela Carolina Villamagua Vergara
Board of presentation: T09-P06

Occurrence and impacts of non-native species in restored areas of rupestrian grasslands (#14022)
Jessica Cunha da Silveira
Board of presentation: T09-P08

Control of invasive Myrtaceae, Ugni molinae, at Robinson Crusoe Island in Chile (#13145)
Natalia Neira Silva
Board of presentation: T09-P10

Control of Urochloa decumbens with legumes and plastic cover, in ecological restoration area in riparian forest, DF (#13846)
Willian Barros Gomes
Board of presentation: T09-P12

Theme 10 - Natural regeneration /resilience/ passive restoration

Seed bank in an abandoned pasture of a Cerrado-Pantanal ecotone area (#13421)
Carla Cristina Cerezoli de Jesus
Board of presentation: T10-P02

The inverse relationship between lianas density and natural regeneration can inform adaptive management to restore degraded tropical forest fragments (#13122)
Felipe Nery Arantes Mello
Board of presentation: T10-P04

Resprouting as a restoration mechanism for montane rainforest trees after fire (#13100)
Juliana Macedo Githay Teixeira
Board of presentation: T10-P06

Plant species composition in an abandoned pasture area in the Cerrado-Pantanal ecotone (#13270)
Letícia Koutchin dos Reis
Board of presentation: T10-P08

Livestock removal is not enough to recover functional diversity in arid ecosystems of the Patagonian Monte (Argentina) (#13556)
Marlene Ivonne Bär Lamas
Board of presentation: T10-P10

Towards restoration of a fragmented tropical rain forest: potential of remnant trees in pastures of Sierra de Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz, Mexico (#12633)
Martin Gonzalo Sirombra
Board of presentation: T10-P12

A critique of passive restoration as a method to tropical forest regeneration under Eucalyptus plantations (#12912)
Natalia Macedo Ivanauskas
Board of presentation: T10-P14

Interventions for ecological restoration: eliminating barriers to accelerate forest restoration in southern Amazonia (#13861)
Pablo Ríos Tubío
Board of presentation: T10-P16

Secondary succession in the Atlantic Forest of southern Brazil: improving identification of reference conditions for ecological restoration (#13834)
Victor Pereira Zwiener
Board of presentation: T10-P18

Analysing the evolution of ecological units as an alternative to decide on the restoration of the degraded Atlantic Forests Fragments (#13751)
Patrik de Oliveira Aprigio
Board of presentation: T10-P20

Remote mapping of forest natural regeneration in the Paraíba do Sul watershed, southern Brazil" (#13117)
Ivan Alvarez
Board of presentation: T10-P21

Forest regeneration under impact of cattle breeding in ecotonal transition in the Pampa Biome, southern Brazil (#13887)
Maureen de Moraes Stefanello
Board of presentation: T10-P22

Theme 11 – Fauna: ecological aspects

Birds in restored riparian forests: effects of patch and landscape characteristcs (#12604)
Cristiano Schetini de Azevedo
Board of presentation: T11-P02

Forest rehabilitation and its effect on plant and bird diversity in Central Mexico (#12609)
Francisca Ofelia Plascencia Escalante
Board of presentation: T11-P04

Honeydew: Benefit or threat to oak forests in Santander, Colombia? (#12964)
Hugo Alexander Benjumea Ochoa
Board of presentation: T11-P06

Rhinella schneideri (Anura, Bufonidae) as bioindicators in a riparian forest recovery (#12620)
Maria Rita Silvério Pires
Board of presentation: T11-P08

Composition and distribution pattern of Littorinid snails in young rehabilitated mangroves (#13546)
Shunyang Chen
Board of presentation: T11-P10

Fruit dispersal dynamics and its implications for restoration of the cold desert shrub Zygophyllum xanthoxylon (#12520)
Xiaoying Zhao
Board of presentation: T11-P12

Theme 12 – Fauna: restoring wildlife

Diversity of the bat community (Mammalia: Chiroptera) in reforestation areas of Eucalyptus spp. and in remnants of natural vegetation of the Rio Claro farm, Lençóis Paulista, SP (#13083)
Moisés Guimarães
Board of presentation: T12-P02

Ongoing monitoring of the reintroduced stitchbird (Notiomystis cincta) population under changing supplementary feeding on Kapiti Island (#13587)
Tatiana Campos Neves
Board of presentation: T12-P04

Perches as a strategy to restoring biodiversity in urban parks (#12603)
Karen Regina Castelli
Board of presentation: T12-P06

Avifauna present in ecological restoration project in Atlantic Forest Biome, southern Brazil (#13992 )
Marcela Peuckert Kamphorst Leal da Silva
Board of presentation: T12-P08

Theme 13 – Ecosystem services and natural capital

Assessing the hydrological regime in Hărman and Prejmer Marshes (#13915)
Cezar Spataru
Board of presentation: T13-P02

Biomass carbon storage of desert grassland on the edge of Tengger Desert, Northern China (#12665)
Haotian Yang
Board of presentation: T13-P04

Carbon stocks on forest floor litter and dead wood in degraded tropical forests of southern Mexico (#13675)
José Yony Cricel Sima Sanchez
Board of presentation: T13-P06

Forest restoration in Amazonia: Carbon sequestration, biomass allocation and nutrient constraints of the Fabaceae tree species (#12598)
roberto kirmayr jaquetti
Board of presentation: T13-P08

Restoration of the Rimac River ribers in the city of Chosica, Lurigancho district, Lima, Peru, for climate risk management (#14047)
Sara Ruth Yalle Paredes
Board of presentation: T13-P10

Theme 14 - Seeds and seedling production

The effect of biochar on Atlantic Forest seedlings: environmental and socio-economic analysis (#13938)
Aline Furtado Rodrigues
Board of presentation: T14-P02

Use of biosolid in the composition of substrate for Schinus molle, Licania tomentosa and Peltophorum dubium seedlings production (#13792)
Avner Vianna Gusmão Vieira
Board of presentation: T14-P04

In situ conservation of forest species: A proposal for selection of seed trees for ecological restoration (#14097)
Enrique Benítez León
Board of presentation: T14-P06

Restoration of eurosiberian silvosteppe vegetation with Quercus sp in Fortress Hill Lempes – Hărman marsh Romania (#13933)
Georgeta Maria Ionescu
Board of presentation: T14-P08

Growth of seedlings from Atlantic Forest species using biosolids as substrate (#13778)
Jorge Makhlouta Alonso
Board of presentation: T14-P10

Growth of two tropical species seedlings due to base fertilization (#13045)
Marcos Gabriel Braz de Lima
Board of presentation: T14-P12

Seed collection: how to organize? (#13836)
Paolo Alessandro Rodrigues Sartorelli
Board of presentation: T14-P14

Second generation seed orchards of Nothofagus obliqua and N. alpina: generating genetic resources for ecological restoration (#13005)
Teresa Parada
Board of presentation: T14-P16

Nutritional and water conditioning during nursery production of Beilschmiedia berteroana plants: A species with high ecological value and in endangered condition in Central Chile (#13046)
Manuel Acevedo Tapia
Board of presentation: T14-P18

Value to biosolids recycling as substrate for the production of seedlings from Atlantic Forest species (#13626)
Alan Henrique Marques De Abreu
Board of presentation: T14-P20

Theme 15 - Rehabilitation of severely degraded sites/ reclamation

Heavy metal accumulation in Senecio collinus (Asteraceae) an endemic species from Peru (#14041)
Abigail Dextre Rubina
Board of presentation: T15-P02

Behaviour of Erythrina velutina seedlings in substrate contaminated with diesel oil (#13050)
Eduarda Ximenes Dantas
Board of presentation: T15-P04

La Chilena Quarry: A successful project of quarry rehabilitation in Costa Rica (#14059)
Luis Guillermo Acosta Vargas
Board of presentation: T15-P06

Mimosa scabrella (Fabaceae) enhances the restoration in coal mining areas in the Atlantic Rainforest (#13439)
Edilane Rocha-Nicoleite
Board of presentation: T15-P08

Mining areas recovery after extracting laterite material in Pacaraima, Roraima, Brazil" (#12419)
Jacqueline Lima da Guia
Board of Presentation: T15-P10

Theme 16 - Agroecosystems/agroforestry

Agroforestry systems as strategy to improve soil quality in degraded land: promoting soil fauna and ecosystem services (#13926)
Alexandre Siminski
Board of presentation: T16-P02

Theme 17 - Restoration in parks and protected areas

Ecological restoration recovering connectivity after a wild fire in Cerro Aguanoso, Colombia (#13038)
Korina Ocampo Zuleta
Board of presentation: T17-P02

Implementing the ecological restoration to recover the biodiversity in a Brazilian hotspot area – Project Restaurar (#13032)
Marcelo Diniz Vitorino
Board of presentation: T17-P04

Restoration in the world's first national park: Microtopography as a means for revegetating Yellowstone (#12871)
Shannon Dillard
Board of presentation: T17-P06

Theme 18 - Restoration of Wetlands and Aquatic ecosystems

Can the restoration of the riparian forest bring back zooplankton functional diversity in an impacted reservoir? (#12991)
Eneida Maria Eskinazi-SantAnna
Board of presentation: T18-P02

Stormwater to stream flow through surface storage and hyporheic flow (#13015)
Joseph Berg
Board of presentation: T18-P04

Theme 19 - Restoration of Tropical Savannas and Grasslands

Losses and gains in the use of herbicides to control exotic grasses in Cerrado restoration (#13826)
Antonio Carlos Galvão de Melo
Board of presentation: T19-P02

Initial mortality evaluation from Cerrado species planted one year after a wildfire (#13110)
Francine Neves Calil
Board of presentation: T19-P04

Woody species and strategies for restoration in the Cerrado biome (#13976)
José Felipe Ribeiro
Board of presentation: T19-P06

Cerrado restoration by direct seeding: Field establishment and initial growth of 75 trees, shrubs and grass species (#13963)
Keiko Fueta Pellizzaro
Board of presentation: T19-P08

Restoration of abandoned pasture with direct seeding of native species (#13937)
Maria Cristina Oliveira
Board of presentation: T19-P10

Germination of three Fabaceae species after direct sowing: propagule beneficiation differences affect seedlings emergence (#13731)
Matheus Rezende de Mesquita Correia
Board of presentation: T19-P12

Direct seeding of Cerrado tree species: Effects of weed competition control and consortium with native grasses (#12901)
Raquel Aparecida Passaretti
Board of presentation: T19-P14

Effect of depth and shading on Handroanthus impetiginosus germination using direct seeding technique (#12904)
Sybelle Barreira
Board of presentation: T19-P16

Theme 20 - Restoration of Drylands and Mediterranean ecosystems

Herbivore pressure, indirect facilitation and the survival of transplants in a Brazilian degraded semiarid forest (#13034)
Felipe Pereira Marinho
Board of presentation: T20-P02

Biological soil crusts prevent biological invasion of exotic plants in arid desert regions of China (#12675)
Li Xinrong
Board of presentation: T20-P04

Learning from field experiments to design new strategies for drylands soil restoration focused on biocrusts-plants combination (#13893)
Yolanda Canton Castilla
Board of presentation: T20-P06

Distribution of Panicum turgidum plant community in Kuwait and restoration measures (#12585)
Samira Omar Asem
Board of presentation: T20-P08

Theme 21 - Restoration of Temperate and Boreal Forests

Rare and threatened species success development on southern Brazil degrated remnants: A biodiversity improvement case in Araucaria Forest (#14062)
Pablo Melo Hoffmann
Board of presentation: T21-P02

Theme 22 - Restoration of Tropical Forests

Efficacy of soil preparation, herbicides and green manure to control the invasive grass Urochloa decumbens in tropical forest restoration (#13969)
Adriana Ferrer Martins
Board of presentation: T22-P02

Evaluation of restoration processes with tree seedlings planted in a permanent protection of Anhumas Stream, Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul (#13865)
Alexandra Penedo de Pinho
Board of presentation: T22-P04

Composition and structure of liana assemblages on different semideciduous tropical forest restoration systems (#13941)
Andra Carolina Dalbeto
Board of presentation: T22-P06

Growth and development of native epiphytic species of Semidecidual Seasonal Forest in Brazil under greenhouse conditions (#13828)
Carolina Giudice Badari
Board of presentation: T22-P08

Euterpe edulis (Arecaceae) and the enrichment of restored areas in southeast Brazil: the role of environmental filters (#12816)
Cristiane Patrícia Zaniratto
Board of presentation: T22-P10

Canopy tree and seedling of native species affect the mortality of seedlings in the understory (#13972)
Diego Sotto Podadera
Board of presentation: T22-P12

Organic mineral fertilizers as potentiators of the development of Atlantic Forest species (#13732)
Eduardo Gusson
Board of presentation: T22-P14

Framework species selection for direct seeding in areas of transition of seasonal forest and savanna in the Xingu River basin, Brazil (#13854)
Fatima Conceição Márquez Piña-Rodrigues
Board of presentation: T22-P16

Using drones for characterization of areas degraded by gold mining in the Peruvian Amazon (#13042)
Francisco Román-Dañobeytia
Board of presentation: T22-P18

The fate of exotic species in tropical forests undergoing restoration (#12856)
Geissianny Bessão de Assis
Board of presentation: T22-P20

Climbing plants resprouting after cutting in a degraded semideciduous seasonal forest (#12662)
Isaí Euán Chi
Board of presentation: T22-P22

Influence of biotic factors on survival of seedlings of native species in ecological restoration experiment of riparian forests, Cerrado (#13999)
Jessica Rodrigues Luzardo
Board of presentation: T22-P24

Bauxite mined areas restoration in the Atlantic Forest, Southeast Brazil (#12927)
João Carlos Costa Guimarães
Board of presentation: T22-P26

Applied nucleation as a strategy for forest restoration: Effects on colonization and occupation of the area (#13112)
Luis Eduardo Bernardini
Board of presentation: T22-P28

Direct seeding for tropical forest restoration: Vegetation structure at 4-6-y old sites (#13842)
Marina Guimarães Freitas
Board of presentation: T22-P30

Native tree plantations can offer opportunities for recovering tree diversity in Atlantic Forest in Misiones, Argentina (#13114)
Micaela Medina
Board of presentation: T22-P32

Initial growth of Psidium cattleianum in springs ecological restoration in the Atlantic Forest Biome, southern Brazil (#14005)
Patricia Sulzbach
Board of presentation: T22-P34

Can reproductive traits contribute to the success of ecological restoration? (#13089)
Roberta Barbosa Pierry
Board of presentation: T22-P36

Direct seeding for tropical forest restoration: Species composition and stratification in 4-6-y old sites (#13841)
Silvia Barbosa Rodrigues
Board of presentation: T22-P38

Comparison of the initial development of native and eucalyptus species in pure and intercropping models aiming at ecological restoration (#13966)
Laíne S. Corrêa
Board of presentation: T22-P40

Crown architecture and shading efficiency of fast-growing trees: Suggestions for forest restoration practice (#13061)
Thaís Mazzafera Haddad
Board of presentation: T22-P42

Selection of species for nucleation model based on crown projection and the ecological potential of the species for the restoration of riparian forests in the Cerrado (#14040)
Lidiamar Barbosa de Albuquerque
Board of presentation: T22-P44

Theme 23 - Restoration of Andean vegetation/Páramos

Structural complexity from digital images for monitoring vegetation signature and restoration of tropical Cloud forest and Páramo ecosystems in Costa Rica (#13116)
Roberto Antonio Cordero Solórzano
Board of presentation: T23-P02

Evaluation of the restoration of the high Andes páramo ecosystem (#12858)
James Rodriguez Echeverry
Board of presentation: T23-P04

Theme 24 - Monitoring/Indicators/Adaptive management

Characterization of soil arthropod fauna in mining areas at different stages of revegetation (#13516)
Adriele Prisca de Magalhães
Board of presentation: T24-P02

Ecological indicators: From early warning to the preventive and corrective actions (#13931)
Ana Cláudia Pereira de Oliveira
Board of presentation: T24-P04

On the assessment of native species in degraded areas of rupestrian grasslands (#13984)
Cecília Guimarães Loureiro
Board of presentation: T24-P06

Effectiveness of Atlantic Forest restoration projects: An evaluation of regenerating communities in restoration plantings (#13781)
Fernando Ravanini Gardon
Board of presentation: T24-P08

Functional restoration: litterfall and nutrient in a biodiverse system (#13104)
Harvey Marin Paladines
Board of presentation: T24-P10

Edaphic fauna as bioindicators with mechanical control treatment in Bambusa tuldoides (#14029)
Marcio Rubem Maculan Salin
Board of presentation: T24-P12

Are the SER Primer attributes and socioeconomic variables being monitored sufficiently in Latin America? (#13057)
Marina Mazón
Board of presentation: T24-P14

Exploring successful ecological restoration in rural settlements of the Lower Araguaia, Brazilian Amazon (#13785)
Rodrigo Cavallini Crespo
Board of presentation: T24-P16

Fruit feeding butterflies as ecological indicators of mining restoration in the Amazon forest (#14068)
Samuel dos Santos Nienow
Board of presentation: T24-P18

Biological soil crusts as ecosystem engineers indicate desert ecosystems health in arid desert regions of China (#12674)
Tan Huijuan
Board of presentation: T24-P20

Evaluation of coastal swamp forest restoration 18 years after planting (#13039)
Luiz Roberto Zamith Coelho Leal
Board of presentation: T24-P22
August 29th
Theme 1 - Governance and public policies/legislation

The effect of Resolution SMA 07/2017 on the calculation of forestry compensations legally assumed by road projects in São Paulo State, Brazil (#12544)
Vanessa Suzana Cavaglieri Fonseca
Board of presentation: T01-P01

Conservation strategies in the Bogotá botanical garden Jose Celestino Mutis (#13014)
German Barrera Velasquez
Board of presentation: T01-P03

Native ecological restoration techniques employed in Brazil (#13782)
Julio Ricardo Caetano Tymus
Board of presentation: T01-P05

Public policies and ecological restoration in Brazil: process of elaboration of the Environmental Compliance Programs in the states of Acre, Rondônia and Bahia (#12934)
Tatiana Cabral de Vasconcelos
Board of presentation: T01-P07

SMA Resolution 32/14 in restoration projects of road enterprises in São Paulo State, Brazil (#13012)
Vanessa Suzana Cavaglieri Fonseca
Board of presentation: T01-P09

The role of technical chamber of tailings management and environmental safety in the environmental recovery after the rupture of the Fundão dam, Mariana/MG, Brazil" (#12822)
Anderson Peixoto Amparo
Board of presentation: T01-P10

The role of technical chamber of tailings management and environmental safety in the environmental recovery after the rupture of the Fundão dam, Mariana/MG, Brazil (#12822 )
Anderson Peixoto Amparo
Board of presentation: T01-P11

Theme 2 - Restoration planning, setting priorities

Quantification and valuation of ecosystem services to optimize sustainable re-use for low-productive drained peatlands (#13605)
Anne Tolvanen
Board of presentation: T02-P01

Knowledge gaps in the ecological restoration evaluations: A critical review and recommendations for the future (#13815)
Débora Cristina Rother
Board of presentation: T02-P03

Green connectivity in the urban context - Development and comparison of two green networks in the city of Berlin (#13067)
Denis Conrado da Cruz
Board of presentation: T02-P05

Integrating the ROAM’s restoration diagnostic with the open standards for the practice of conservation in forest landscape restoration (#13423)
Gustavo Gatti
Board of presentation: T02-P07

Structural approach to the landscape: a perspective of environmental planning of the territory for ecosystem restoration (#13310)
Lorena Andrea Cortes Ballen
Board of presentation: T02-P09

Planning restoration: Identifying priority areas for improving the forest patch connectivity. (#12689)
Ludmila Araujo Bortoleto
Board of presentation: T02-P11

Comparison of different land degradation indicators: Does world region really matters? (#13791)
Narkis Morales San Martin
Board of presentation: T02-P13

The creation of a restoration matrix to facilitate flood recovery: The Colorado Water Conservation Board River Restoration Matrix (#13432)
Randy H. Mandel
Board of presentation: T02-P15

Development of application for aid in the decision on the revegetation of degraded areas in the Cerrado biome (#14036)
Roberta Sorhaia Samayara Sousa Rocha de França
Board of presentation: T02-P17

Identification of priority areas for passive restoration in the Arauaí River Basin, Moju, Pará, Brazil (#13679)
Tatiane Camila Martins Silva
Board of presentation: T02-P19

Restoration needs in Mesopotamia: Integrating ecosystems and wildlife species as conservation units (#14057)
Victoria Emperatriz Espinoza Mendoza
Board of presentation: T02-P21

Ecological restoration in a burned nature sanctuary of Central Chile (#14056)
Vivianne Claramunt
Board of presentation: T02-P23

Ecological restoration for protected areas: Setting priorities (#13844)
Claudette Marta Hahn
Board of presentation: T02-P25

Theme 3 - Economic aspects of ecological restoration

Economic aspects of restoration policy in Brazil: An ex-post assessment at sub-national level. (#13968)
Carlos Eduardo Menezes da Silva
Board of presentation: T03-P01

Economic analysis of forest restoration for compliance with the Forest Code (#12629)
iara yamada basso
Board of presentation: T03-P03

Economic feasibility of Amazon Forest restoration: a spatial analysis of potential carbon capture service (#13080)
Ricardo Manuel Mendoza Collantes
Board of presentation: T03-P05

Theme 4 - Communicating restoration science: outreaching, extension, training

How to be an effective advocate for plants: lessons from the “botany bill” in the U.S. (#13051)
Kayri Havens-Young
Board of presentation: T04-P01

Training of ‘multipliers’ as a tool to scale the native vegetation restoration in Brazil (#13750)
Marina M S Campos
Board of presentation: T04-P03

Participatory Demonstration Units – a methodology for rural technical assistance and management of agroforestry systems in the São Félix do Xingu municipality in Pará state, Brazil (#13649)
Rodrigo Mauro Freire
Board of presentation: T04-P05

SER Certification program for ecological restoration practitioners (#12616)
Bethanie Walder
Board of presentation: T04-P07

A network of collaborators to support restoration of ecosystems degraded by alien invasive species (#13036)
Junia Heloisa Woehl
Board of presentation: T04-P09

Theme 5 - Community engagement in ecological restoration

Guidelines to a proposal of ecological restoration for high mountain Andes forests degraded by human use in San Miguel – National Park Tunari (Cochabamba, Bolivia) (#12845)
Adriana Estefania Rendón Funes
Board of presentation: T05-P01

Enhancement of tropical tree diversity by a 25-years forest restoration in a small Brazilian property (#12766)
Anani Morilha Zanini
Board of presentation: T05-P03

Assessing the knowledge, attitude and community participation of the Ogoni people in ecological restoration. (#13904)
Daniel Lawrence Effiong
Board of presentation: T05-P05

Linking technical and local knowledge for informal ecology restoration learning in the upper Xingu region, Brazilian Amazon (#13570)
Danilo Ignacio De Urzedo
Board of presentation: T05-P07

Study on social-ecosystem resilience of closed mine in eastern China: A case of Dahuangshan mining area (#12876)
Huping Hou
Board of presentation: T05-P09

Low-cost, sustainable methods of revegetation for erosion control are implemented by Ecuadorian Kichwa community using locally available materials (#13166)
Laura Backus
Board of presentation: T05-P11

Collective environmental perception and involvement of family farmers in recovery actions of degraded areas of Zona da Mata Rondoniense (#12677)
Marcelo Lucian Ferronato
Board of presentation: T05-P13

Stakeholder's perception about dryland and forest restoration at local scale, Central Chile (#13566)
Vivianne Claramunt Torche
Board of presentation: T05-P15

Agricultural system of the Shipibo Konibo Indians in Amazonia (#12837)
Vìctor Alan Ríos Gálvez
Board of presentation: T05-P17

The process of prioritizing areas for restoration through the participation of the Doce River watershed committees (#14001)
Alisson Oliveira Lopes
Board of presentation: T05-P19

Theme 6 - Ethics and Values (Philosophycal aspects of restoration)

Preserving historic cultural landscapes and restoring ecosystems in the USA: A comparative history in timelines (#13902)
Eric Allen MacDonald
Board of presentation: T06-P01

Theme 7 - Ecological processes and ecosystem functioning

Performance of Abies religiosa seedlings of different altitudes in a provenance trial under the canopy of nurse plants in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, México. (#12872)
Aglaen Lucero Carbajal Navarro
Board of presentation: T07-P01

Climber assemblages on secondary tropical forests: An issue to be addressed for biodiversity conservation management within human-modified landscapes (#13186)
Ana Paula Liboni
Board of presentation: T07-P03

Functional types of plants and functional diversity in the understory of reforestations for rehabilitation purposes in El Porvenir, Hidalgo, México (#14090)
Araceli Ventura Rios
Board of presentation: T07-P05

Overstory phylogenetic diversity effects on early performance of enrichment planted seedlings in tropical forest restoration (#12738)
Daniella Schweizer
Board of presentation: T07-P07

Mangrove roots decomposition in mangrove restored site on Terminos Lagoon, Gulf of Mexico (#14079)
Enrique Nunez Lara
Board of presentation: T07-P09

High nutrient loads amplify carbon cycling across California and New York coastal wetlands (#13064)
Farzana Rahman
Board of presentation: T07-P11

Dry season as a biological filter in seedling survival of sacred fir (Abies religiosa) in Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, México (#12862)
Gerardo Guzmán Aguilar
Board of presentation: T07-P13

When lianas dominate the forest community in degraded tropical forest remnants? (#13436)
Hellen Pecchi
Board of presentation: T07-P15

Low predictability in aboveground biomass accumulation in Atlantic Forest restoration sites (#13304)
Juliana de Mello Tambani
Board of presentation: T07-P17

Availability of zoochoric tree species fruits in passive and active Atlantic Forest restoration sites (#13507)
Maria Angélica Gonçalves Toscan
Board of presentation: T07-P19

Restoration of overgrazed areas in the semi-arid Chaco (Argentina): studying germination requirements to grow nurse plants (#12941)
María Fernanda Martínez Gálvez
Board of presentation: T07-P21

Effect of stand canopy composition on litterfall dynamics of native tree species plantations (#13627)
Nayara Rodrigues de Souza
Board of presentation: T07-P23

Ecofunctional traits and biomass production in leguminous tree species under fertilization treatments during forest restoration in Amazonia (#12599)
roberto kirmayr jaquetti
Board of presentation: T07-P25

Spatial-temporal pattern of urban heat island and driving forces in China (#12881)
Shaolin Peng
Board of presentation: T07-P27

Influence of different width of road on Nature Reserve (#12882)
Ting Zhou
Board of presentation: T07-P29

Effects of re-vegetation on herbaceous species composition and biological soil crusts development in a coal mine dumping site (#12590)
Yang Zhao
Board of presentation: T07-P31

Determinism, and not stochasticity, affects tree turnover in tropical forest regeneration (#13569)
Elivane Salete Capellesso
Board of presentation: T07-P33

The Society for Ecological Restoration’s Large-Scale Ecosystem Restoration Section (#16292)
Craig Richard Beatty
Board of presentation: T07-P35

Theme 8 - Soil aspects in restoration ecology

Effects of restoration systems on retention water capacity of accumulated litter and soil moisture at two sites with contrasting soil properties (#13980)
Danila Morena Fideles Pontes
Board of presentation: T08-P01

The impact of nutrient source, nutrient loading, and tidal restrictions on the accumulation of nitrogen in estuarine sediment and biota (#14052)
Farzana Rahman
Board of presentation: T08-P03

Changes in soil attributes of Cerrado wet grasslands (Veredas) due to the level of degradation (#13088)
Maria das Dores Magalhães Veloso
Board of presentation: T08-P05

Soil respiration in Atlantic Forest restoration sites and forest fragments (#13772)
Victor Lucas Moreno de Paula
Board of presentation: T08-P07

Recovery of biocrusts enhances the soil organic carbon storage of desert grassland in northern China (#12588)
Xinrong Li
Board of presentation: T08-P09

Theme 9 - Ecology and control of plant invasions

Invasiveness of the non native species Terminalia catappa (Combretaceae) in a protected area in southern Brazil (#13954)
Alexandre Deschamps Schmidt
Board of presentation: T09-P01

Population projection matrix of a native shrub and an invasive grass: Implications for ecological restoration in the Cerrado (#12814)
Camila Prado Motta
Board of presentation: T09-P03

Natural regeneration in bamboo dominated forest remnant submitted to herbicide control treatment in the Pampa Biome, South Brazil (#13599)
Djoney Procknow
Board of presentation: T09-P05

Managing African grasses on Cerrado for its restoration: Relationships between fire intensity and invasives (#13123)
Gabriella Damasceno
Board of presentation: T09-P07

Impacts of the invasive non-native tree Terminalia catappa on coastal scrub (restinga) regeneration in Florianópolis, Brazil (#14099)
Lucas Peixoto Machado
Board of presentation: T09-P09

Forest regeneration in mechanical control area of bamboos (#13749)
Roselene Marostega Felker
Board of presentation: T09-P11

Effect of the removal of Pteridium aquilinum on the survival rate of Atlantic Forest tree species in Minas Gerais, Brazil (#12998)
Wander G. Amaral
Board Of presentation: T09-P13

Theme 10 - Natural regeneration /resilience/ passive restoration

Resilience of Mediterranean forest to drought: implication for restoration (#13113)
Alejandro Miranda Cerpa
Board of presentation: T10-P01

Using the process whereby natural forest species invade stands of introduced species to rehabilitate invader plant stands to natural forest (#14083)
Coert Johannes Geldenhuys
Board of presentation: T10-P03

Is natural regeneration alone enough to restore old abandoned pastures near forest fragments? (#12943)
Jeanne Marie Garcia Le Bourlegat
Board of presentation: T10-P05

Invasive grasses as biotic filters for the establishment of ecological corridors by passive restoration in cerrado vegetation (#13907)
Leonardo Masculino Martins
Board of presentation: T10-P07

In situ seed bank evaluation as first alternative to restore the forest at Isla del Coco National Park, Costa Rica. (#13717)
Luis Guillermo Acosta Vargas
Board of presentation: T10-P09

Seed versus vegetative propagation: What is the greatest contribution to the maintenance of the grasslands physiognomies in South of Brazil? (#13129)
Marta Regina Barrotto do Carmo
Board of presentation: T10-P11

Nature's engineers successfully restored the natural processes in a degraded marsh (#13918)
Mihai Fedorca
Board of presentation: T10-P13

Ecological restoration of dry forest in Colombia thought of natural regeneration management of Cordia alliodora neotropical tree (#12832)
Omar Melo
Board of presentation: T10-P15

Natural regeneration within two geomorphological compartments in the Araucaria riparian forest in Jotuva River, Carambeí (PR), in South Brazil (#13426)
Rosemeri Segecin Moro
Board of presentation: T10-P17

Resilient seed bank after fire disturbance of rupestrian grassland in Southeastern Brazil (#13130)
Yule Roberta Ferreira Nunes
Board of presentation: T10-P19

Theme 11 – Fauna: ecological aspects

Habitat selection and population control of feral goats to restore an oceanic island of the South Pacific (#13151)
Cecilia Smith Ramirez
Board of presentation: T11-P01

Effects of translocation on oysters Crassostrea virginica to stressful ecological conditions (#14407)
Enrique Nuñez Lara
Board of presentation: T11-P03

Comparative analysis of the impacts of the introduction of commom marmoset (Callithrix jacchus) on the community of birds in tropical forest ecosystems (#12863)
Guilherme Lima da Silva
Board of presentation: T11-P05

Responses of ant communities to land-use systems and restoration in Brazilian Cerrado (#13226)
Keila Caroline Dalle Laste
Board of presentation: T11-P07

Forest restoration initiative driven by the need to reduce the damage caused by a primate species to exotic pine plantations in Brazil (#13220)
Sandra Bos Mikich
Board of presentation: T11-P09

Early successional wildlife monitoring of reclaimed habitats in the Alberta Oil Sands Region of Canada: indicators of ecosystem shift (#13859)
Virgil Hawkes
Board of presentation: T11-P11

The characteristics of soil fauna's community structure in the degraded red soil region (#12891)
Yuanqiu Liu
Board of presentation: T11-P13

Theme 12 – Fauna: restoring wildlife

A case study on the effectiveness of forest corridors: Afetiva Ranch (Silva Jardim, RJ, Brazil), planted to aid in conservation of Golden Lion Tamarins (Leontopithecus rosalia) (#13744)
Carlos Alvarenga Pereira Júnior
Board of presentation: T12-P01

An IPM strategy for protecting wildlife nesting sites from Africanized honey bees (#13013)
Richard Raid
Board of presentation: T12-P03

Rehabilitation and management for sand martins (Riparia riparia) at mining areas (#13845)
Zoe Rohrer Rodriguez
Board of presentation: T12-P05

Characteristics of butterfly communities in graveyard disappearing in South Korea (#13020)
Kim Jisuk
Board of presentation: T12-P07

Theme 13 – Ecosystem services and natural capital

Ecological restoration of Fitzroya cupressoides (endangered conifer): contribution to the ecosystem biodiversity and carbon stock (#13000)
Angela Bustos-Salazar
Board of presentation: T13-P01

Management of the mountain ranges based on the characteristics of cold air (#12974)
Eum, Jeong-Hee
Board of presentation: T13-P03

Opportunities for carbon credits generation through forest restoration projects in areas of influence and protection of the right bank of the reservoir of Itaipu Binacional hydroelectric power station (#12995)
Haroldo Nicolás Silva Imas
Board of presentation: T13-P05

How important are roots to biomass quantification in early stages of restoration? Field measurements in a Coastal-plain-forest restoration area: a case study (#13979)
Leda Lorenzo
Board of presentation: T13-P07

Proposal of techniques for the revitalization of stretches of urban streams with concrete beds in Sorocaba (SP-Brazil) (#13147)
Rosiane Argenton e Silva
Board of presentation: T13-P09

Theme 14 - Seeds and seedling production

Implantation of a provisional nursery to supply of regional native seedlings (#13060)
Luciano Tessare Bopp
Board of presentation: T14-P01

Rapid evolution of plant materials propagated for restoration. (#13204)
Anna Lampei Bucharova
Board of presentation: T14-P03

Isolation and characterization of PGPR from the rhizosphere of Leymus chinensis of China (#12735)
Bo Deng
Board of presentation: T14-P05

Initial development of Maytenus ilicifolia and Bauhinia forficata produced with different substrate (#13849)
Frederico Neuenschwander
Board of presentation: T14-P07

Can inoculation of symbiotic microorganisms reduce the need for fertilizers in the production of Atlantic Forest species seedlings? (#13101)
Girlei Costa da Cunha
Board of presentation: T14-P09

The International Network for Seed-based Restoration (INSR) (#15202)
Kingsley Dixon
Board of presentation: T14-P11

Inoculation efficiency of rhizobia and vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal in Parapiptadenia rigida seedlings in nursery conditions (#13087)
Milena Alves da Silva
Board of presentation: T14-P13

Propagation of Mostuea muricata: An Atlantic Forest threatened shrub (#13137)
Susane Rasera
Board of presentation: T14-P15

Richness of species used in ecological restoration projects in the Brazilian Federal District (#13839)
Willian Barros Gomes
Board of presentation: T14-P17

"Effect of vermicompost on the variable leaf area of seedlings of Bauhinia forficata" (#13580)
Aline Peccatti
Board of presentation: T14-P19

Theme 15 - Rehabilitation of severely degraded sites/ reclamation

The history and characteristics of the environmental rehabilitation of the Córrego do Sitio mine and the importance of the environmental rehabilitation concomitant with mining operation (#12869)
Bruno Stefan De Simoni
Board of presentation: T15-P01

The research on soil anti-erodibility of Eucalyptus plantation in rare  earth tailings area (#12705)
Dekui Niu
Board of presentation: T15-P03

Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative, and the Forestry Reclamation Approach for successful reforestation of mined lands (#14086)
Jennifer Franklin
Board of presentation: T15-P05

Contributions for restoration in Rio Doce basin, Brazil: Studies on forest species growth rates in a 6-years permanent plots (#13111)
Tereza Cristina Souza Sposito
Board of presentation: T15-P07

Environmental restoration of a disposal area of urban solid waste (#14044)
Ricardo Henryque Reginato Quevedo Melo
Board of presentation: T15-P09

Theme 16 - Agroecosystems/agroforestry

Potential of home gardens in the restoration of protected areas: aspects of forest legislation (#12808)
Alex Mauri Tello López
Board of presentation: T16-P01

Agroforestry system as strategy for forest restoration in small farms in southern Brazil (#13942)
Alexandre Siminski
Board of presentation: T16-P03

Theme 17 - Restoration in parks and protected areas

Ecological restoration of 20 hectares in the Socha Lagoon Park, Pisba National Natural Park (#14021)
Jessica Tatiana Cañón Páez (Ecodes Ingeniería)
Board of presentation: T17-P01

Conceptual model of ecological restoration of a subxerofitic ecosystem in urban area (#13313)
Lorena Andrea Cortes Ballen
Board of presentation: T17-P03

Ecological restoration of tropical dry forest and cultural and historical recovery: The case of the disappeared town of Armero (#14028)
Miguel Pacheco
Board of presentation: T17-P05

Theme 18 - Restoration of Wetlands and Aquatic ecosystems

Ecological restoration techniques in sustainable collecting of sphagnum moss in Chilean Patagonia (#13656)
Carolina A. León
Board of presentation: T18-P01

Saplings growth and survival of different regeneration guilds in the restoration of a hygrophilous forests, Southeastern Brazil (#13138)
Yule Roberta Ferreira Nunes
Board of presentation: T18-P03

Theme 19 - Restoration of Tropical Savannas and Grasslands

Soil preparation and direct seeding of Cerrado savanna at Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, Brazil (#13493)
Alba Orli de Oliveira Cordeiro
Board of presentation: T19-P01

Native species for vegetation restoration in the Cerrado biome (#14051)
Déborah da Silva Santos
Board of presentation: T19-P03

Relative density and plant cover of eight fast growing species introduced by direct sowing (#13740)
José Eduardo Dias Calixto Júnior
Board of presentation: T19-P05

Seed germination traits: implications for the restoration of Brazilian savanna in a climate change (#13912)
José Nicola Martorano Neves da Costa
Board of presentation: T19-P07

Performance of the Cerrado native grass Trachypogon spicatus, under different nutritional treatments (#13096)
Letícia Cristiane de Sena Viana
Board of presentation: T19-P09

Temperature fluctuation influences seed germination in Cerrado grasses: Lessons for restoration of open savannas (#13562)
Mariana Correa Dairel
Board of presentation: T19-P11

Burning to restore reproductive processes in old-growth cerrado grasslands (#12750)
Natashi A. Lima Pilon
Board of presentation: T19-P13

Seed harvesting period of native species for environmental recovery in the Cerrado Biome (#14060)
Ravana Marques Souza
Board of presentation: T19-P15

Direct sowing of herbs, shrubs and trees for restoration of Cerrado (#13596)
Monique Alves
Board of presentation: T19-P17

Theme 20 - Restoration of Drylands and Mediterranean ecosystems

Ecological restoration of solar parks – the PIESO project (#13141)
Armin Bischoff
Board of presentation: T20-P01

Strategies for water management for seedlings of Caatinga native species under field conditions (#13981)
Flávia de Barros Prado Moura
Board of presentation: T20-P03

Using nurse plant species-specific effects to restore semiarid tropical forests (#12914)
Marina Vergara Fagundes
Board of presentation: T20-P05

Nucleation from artificial lakes as revegetation strategy of degraded areas in Brazilian semiarid (#13107)
Renato Garcia Rodrigues
Board of presentation: T20-P07

Theme 21 - Restoration of Temperate and Boreal Forests

Forest naturalness restoration: an example of Pautsjärve nature reserve, Karula National Park, Estonia (#12846)
Eneli Allikmäe
Board of presentation: T21-P01

Considering soil/ water/plant interactions to settle functional groups in riparian Araucaria Forest restoration projects at South Brazil (#13425)
Rosemeri Segecin Moro
Board of presentation: T21-P03

Theme 22 - Restoration of Tropical Forests

Restoration of bauxite mined areas by the nucleation technique, Amazon Rainforest, Brazil (#13853)
Ademir Reis
Board of presentation: T22-P01

Functional diversity in reforested areas may reflect variation found naturally in tropical forests (#12894)
Alessandra Rodrigues Kozovits
Board of presentation: T22-P03

In 60 days: Suppression of aggressive grass and creation of safe-sites for seedlings using transient shrubs cover for the restoration of tropical forests (#12898)
Allan Camatta Mônico
Board of presentation: T22-P05

Direct seeding of Eugenia uniflora for riparian forest restoration in the Atlantic Forest Biome, south Brazil (#13073)
Bruna Balestrin Piaia
Board of presentation: T22-P07

Floristic inventories and their importance for ecological restoration strategies in the dry forests of Ecuador (#12745)
Celso Anibal Yaguana Puglla
Board of presentation: T22-P09

Seed rain and seed bank in restoration plantation of a semi-deciduous seasonal forest: Effect of vegetation structure and surrounding landscape (#13775)
Diana Elizabeth Villota Cerón
Board of presentation: T22-P11

Potential species for ecological restoration in the Atlantic Rainforest, how to select? (#12887)
Eduardo Adenesky Filho
Board of presentation: T22-P13

Phytosociology of forest species in a riparian forest restoration project in Divinópolis, Minas Gerais state, Brazil (#12940)
Fabrizio Furtado de Sousa
Board of presentation: T22-P15

Fruit and seed biometry of zoochoric species on restored and natural regeneration sites at Poço das Antas Biological Reserve (PABR), Rio de Janeiro (#13970)
Fernanda Felipe de Negreiros
Board of presentation: T22-P17

Initial survival of 30 woody species in a reforestation experiment established after gold mining in the Peruvian Amazon (#12848)
Fredy David Polo Villanueva
Board of presentation: T22-P19

Dynamics of natural regeneration in seedling planting in the Amazon: Rapid colonization by pioneer species (#14035)
Gustavo Mariano Rezende
Board of presentation: T22-P21

A quantitative approach to species selection for ecological restoration in seasonal forests (#13077)
ivonir piotrowski santos
Board of presentation: T22-P23

Contribution of artificial perches to richness and abundance of seed rain in a degraded area of the Atlantic Forest (#12874)
Joana Alvarez Vilarinhos
Board of presentation: T22-P25

Functional forest enrichment: Preliminary results among three methods and its cost-effectiveness (#13127)
Laíne Silveira Corrêa
Board of presentation: T22-P27

Plantations for non-timber forest products for ecological restoration in transformed habitats: An initial evaluation of planting “copales” in Mexico (#12857)
María del Consuelo Bonfil Sanders
Board of presentation: T22-P29

Revising restoration techniques on the basis of monitoring in the Atlantic Forest, Brazil (#15196)
Marina Merlo Sampaio de Campos
Board of presentation: T22-P31

Homogeneous stands of native trees: contribution to recover the structure and diversity of the Atlantic Forest (#12939)
Natalia Guerin
Board of presentation: T22-P33

What is planted for restoring the Atlantic Forest? Taxonomic and functional profile of 978 projects (#12654)
Ricardo A G Viani
Board of presentation: T22-P35

Evaluation of native species for the recovery of riparian forest in the Botanic Garden of Rio de Janeiro (#13795)
Sarah França Andrade
Board of presentation: T22-P37

Ecological restoration in the Atlantic Forest: The case of the urban forests of Rio de Janeiro (#14417)
Stella Mata de Lara Rocha
Board of presentation: T22-P39

High diversity direct seeding of trees to restore Tropical Forest: questions to be solved (#13140)
Thais Diniz Silva
Board of presentation: T22-P41

Comparing the efficacy of planting tree seedlings and natural regeneration to restore the Brazilian Atlantic Forest (#13891)
Vinícius Londe Ferreira
Board of presentation: T22-P43

The restoration in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: processes causing the loss of diversity (#14024)
Richieri Antonio Sartori
Board of presentation: T22-P45

Theme 23 - Restoration of Andean vegetation/Páramos

Macrophytes as bioindicators of water contamination by heavy metals in High Andean lagoons of Central Peru (#14095)
Enoc Efer Jara
Board of presentation: T23-P01

Proposal of a reference ecosystem based on functional traits of the above-ground biomass for the restoration of the high Andean forest (#12873)
Slendy Julieth Rodríguez Alarcón
Board of presentation: T23-P03

Theme 24 - Monitoring/Indicators/Adaptive management

Monitoring restoration success of soil’s quality in forested ecosystems: A global meta-analysis (#13774)
Adriana Allek Litaiff
Board of presentation: T24-P01

Effects of soil chemical and physical attributes on the development of the forest community under restoration (#12666)
Ana Carolina Cardoso de Oliveira
Board of presentation: T24-P03

Reference values used for evaluating the success of restoration in Atlantic Forest (#13534)
Carolina Machado da Rosa
Board of presentation: T24-P05

Collembola as a bioindicator in Brazilian subtropical rainforest restoration (#13156)
Fernando Campanha Bechara
Board of presentation: T24-P07

Green manures as improvement`s technique for weed control, nutrients cycling and microclimate in Atlantic Forest restoration areas (#13544)
Frederico Miranda
Board of presentation: T24-P09

Assessing restoration projects success: Contributions for São Paulo state legal framework Resolution SMA 32/2014 (#14010)
Marcelo Ducatti
Board of presentation: T24-P11

Are restored riparian forests along hydroelectric reservoirs margins efficient in soil protection against laminar and wave erosions? (#12992)
Mariangela Garcia Praça Leite
Board of presentation: T24-P13

Using an integrated framework to assess multiple objective habitat restoration projects (#13927)
Renaud Jaunatre
Board of presentation: T24-P15

Soil arthropod fauna as bioindicator in bamboo-dominated forest submitted to chemical control (#13738)
Rodrigo Pinto da Silva
Board of presentation: T24-P17

Partition of diversity of natural regeneration in an area in forest restoration process (#12989)
Sustanis Horn Kunz
Board of presentation: T24-P19

System of monitoring and management of restoration programs and projects (#13900)
Vanessa Jó Girão
Board of presentation: T24-P21

Atlantic Forest remnants can be used as reference ecosystems? Insights from biomass estimates (#13760)
Fátima Arcanjo
Board of presentation: T24-P23

7th World Conference on Ecological Restoration
V Congreso Ibero-Americano y del Caribe de Restauración Ecológica
I Conferência Brasileira de Restauração Ecológica