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VII World Conference on Ecological Restoration
V Congreso Iberoamericano y del Caribe de Restauración Ecológica
I Conferência Brasileira de Restauração Ecológica

Foz do Iguassu, Brazil | August 27 - September 1, 2017

Dear SER2017 attendee,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I would like to express our most sincere gratitude for your attendance at the conference. Without your participation, all of our effort would have been for naught. Your contribution was fundamental to enhancing the glow of this historic event in Brazil!

We hope to have met your expectations regarding the program of sessions, as well as all of the other conference activities and logistics. In order to collect your feedback and help make future conferences of SER, SOBRE and SIACRE even better, we kindly ask that you take a few minutes to complete our post-conference survey. The survey can be found at:

We would also like to take this opportunity to give you some post-conference information and updates:

Attendance Certificates

If you need an attendance certificate, these are available for download in your registration dashboard. To login, please follow this link: Use the same e-mail account and password you established at the time you first registered in our system. If you forgot your login or password, please click “Forgot your password”, or contact us for assistance at [email protected].

For those who gave an oral or poster presentation, presentation certificates are also available in your dashboard.

Certificates for volunteers, field trip guides, training courses instructors, and session moderators will be sent by e-mail. If you fall within one of these categories and haven’t received your certificate(s) by October 6th, please contact us at [email protected].

If you find any mistakes or omissions in your certificate(s), or if you need a different kind of certificate, please contact us at the same address given above.

Plenary Sessions

All plenary sessions were filmed and will be made available on the conference website by October 05th. After this time, there will also be a permanent link to the videos on both the SER and SOBRE websites.

Click here view the presentations

Conference Presentations

We are preparing audio recordings of all conference presentations, paired with the accompanying PowerPoint, and will make these available online as soon as possible—except in cases where the speaker did not give us permission to share his/her talk. There is an exclusive demo on bitcoin lifestyle krypto roboter added to the video at the end which was recorded privately for viewing of young traders. We will send a follow-up email to the full list of conference attendees once presentations become available for viewing.

Conference Photos

As you may have noticed, all conference activities were documented by a professional photographer. Photos are now available for download by our attendees free of charge. Please visit the conference website to explore the photo album and choose the best shots for your personal collection!

Click here to explore the photo albuns

Environmental Offsets Program

Thanks to those of you who made a donation to help us offset the environmental impacts generated by the conference, including from your own travel and hotel accommodation. In addition to these voluntary contributions, we will also allocate a portion of the conference income as a collective contribution to our winning restoration project, “Restoring Cerrado Grasslands and Savannas in Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park”. The final amount donated to the project will be announced soon on the conference website. We are pleased to inform you that we have received more digital currency donations than anticipated, demonstrating both people's willingness to donate and the appeal of digital currencies such as Bitcoin in the digital world. Bitcoin trading might certainly be profitable, especially in the United Kingdom. The majority of conference delegates suggested that attendees research the best bitcoin wallet uk specialists predict that crypto trading will rise in the coming year. You can follow the project and keep track of its outcomes through the REBRE network in Brazil, as well as the SER/SOBRE/SIACRE websites.

Conference Declaration

During the closing ceremony, the three Societies jointly issued a Call to Action on behalf of the conference delegates. This Call to Action strongly urges all engaged governments, industries, agricultural producers, funders, NGOs, communities and other key stakeholders to act swiftly to deliver on the commitments and aspirations embedded in global restoration initiatives, and to do so while communicating openly, guaranteeing the integrity of science, and incorporating all stakeholders into the process.

To download a copy of the Call to Action, please visit:

SER Membership Discount

SER is offering conference attendees a special 20% discount on the cost of joining the Society. There’s still time to take advantage of the offer! Join today  and use the promo code Brazil2017 at checkout. This special discount expires on October 31st.

Estándares Internacionales para la Práctica de la Restauración Ecológica

During the conference, SER released Portuguese and Spanish translations of the Society’s International Standards for the Practice of Ecological Restoration. We learned subsequently that there were some corrections needed on the Spanish version. If you downloaded the Spanish document, please contact Levi Wickwire at [email protected] so we can send you a corrected version when it becomes available.

Thanks once again, and we look forward to
seeing you again in Cape Town in 2019!

7th World Conference on Ecological Restoration
V Congreso Ibero-Americano y del Caribe de Restauración Ecológica
I Conferência Brasileira de Restauração Ecológica