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Student Volunteer

We are offering volunteer opportunities to a limited number of student applicants who will help staff the conference in exchange for a discounted or complimentary registration. Volunteers are needed to monitor breakout sessions, support onsite registration, staff pre-conference activities, and assist with social events.

Volunteers will be selected through an open application process as described below.


Applicants must be full-time graduate or undergraduate students currently enrolled in a college or university program. Preference will be given to students from developing countries, however we welcome students from other countries as well and will consider all applicants based on their own merits. We do ask, though, that you not apply for the program if you have other means to attend the conference.

We will give priority to applications from student members in good standing of SER, SOBRE or SIACRE, as well as to students who have submitted an oral or poster presentation for the conference.

Volunteers are expected to speak and to communicate reasonably well in at least two out of the three conference languages (Portuguese, Spanish, and English).

Time Commitment

Volunteers can choose to commit at least 15 hours of service over the course of the conference in exchange for a 50% discount on the conference registration fee; or you can commit at least 30 hours of service in exchange for a full registration waiver. There will be no exceptions to these terms of service, so please don’t apply if you are unable to devote the required time.

A general orientation and training session will be held on Sunday afternoon, August 27. All volunteers are asked to attend. Please note that this training does not count toward the required volunteer hours.

Work Assignments and Scheduling

Volunteer assignments are outlined here. Please note that other assignments may arise in the course of planning and that you may be asked to fulfill multiple assignments over the course of your service.

A team designated by the Conference Organizing Committee will be responsible for making volunteer assignments. We will do our best to accommodate scheduling requests, but we ask that all applicants be as flexible as possible and understand that it simply may not be feasible in some cases to change work times and/or assignments.

During times when you are not scheduled to work, you will have full access to conference sessions and other activities not requiring a special registration fee (e.g. pre-conference training courses, field trips, conference dinner).

Submit an Application

Please click here to download the application form (in Word). You must send your completed application and proof of full-time enrollment in a college or university program as an email attachment to

The deadline to apply is May 14, 2017. We will notify you of our decision by May 29.


Please direct any questions to

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